why are storms relaxing?

Sigh, I’m already slipping on my goal of posting every day! However, I had a pretty hectic weekend, including officially coming out to my parents, so… yeah.

Anyways, it’s currently thundering viciously right now, so I decided I’d post some of my relatively chill favorites to help calm the storm. Storms already relax me, so listening to relaxing music makes it even better 🙂






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nice track selection!

did you know that all major storms carry Kind Human Names? =)

Comment by tribalmixes

Thanks! I love tribal, so I’ll definitely check out your site :]

Comment by bradstaaa

tribal as a dancefloor genre is kinda going to the back ground clubs, where local unknown djs are playing it for a few fans of theirs…

my site & my blog are dedicated to ALL things EDM, not only we have mixes of all styles, but a bunch of videos in forums, well, i am not advertising.. be intrigued and just check it out. =)

Comment by tribalmixes

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