recent electro / dubstep / complextro, etc.

Feed Me live

Despite the fact that I really want to post a lot of songs that have withstood my personal test of time, I figure it’s also important to showcase tracks that are relatively new. And there’s been a lot of pretty rad electro, dubstep, and complextro that’s been released within the last month, so here’s what I’ve come up with.


Debuted on Radio 1 last week. I’m always hungry for anything of Feed Me.


From a few weeks ago. Starts off with Adam K’s signature progressive sound, suddenly hits you with BT’s complextro bridge, and then returns to sanity.


This came out last month. Although this version currently has less than 10% of the views of Flux Pavilion’s remix, the original is miles better.


From Porter Robinson’s new EP, Spitfire, released in September. I’m positive that he is going to get big in the EDM scene relatively soon. And since he’s only 19, I expect even greater things from him in the future. Oh yeah, I’m even seeing him at Lizard Lounge tomorrow! DFW friends, come support. 😀


This amazing promo video is from the beginning of this year, but less than 24 hours ago, The M Machine finally released “Promise Me a Rose Garden,” which can be found at their Soundcloud page here. Melodic, roaring 20’s-style indie vocals with a strong bass line and electro kicks.


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