Movement to Soundcloud
April 5, 2015, 6:05 PM
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Hey friends.

So it’s been 3 years since I’ve made a post… why? I felt like my blog was being seen by a very small audience, so I didn’t think it was worth spending time on anymore. Maybe that statement brings up another argument, that I should simply be posting because I want to, regardless of how many views it gets. But if no one sees my posts, there’s not much point!

Anyway, I’ve decided to post my Soundcloud link here, because that’s where brand new electronic music is posted by current producers that I follow. Nearly every day, I find a new electronic track that I like, or even better — love. The tracks that I repost are my favorites at the time, and if you like those, feel free to go through my Likes!

EDM isn’t going anywhere yet. It’s forever expanding & branching out into new styles. There’s just so much that can be done with it! Let the era continue.

– Brad

Tiesto & Wolfgang Gartner – We Own the Night

Pausing my blog hiatus for a moment to share this treasure with you all. I’ve wanted this since I heard it at NYE 2011, but it was just released recently.

Nobody Beats the Drum – Grindin’
January 18, 2012, 4:58 PM
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One of the best electro house music videos, ever.

trance from the past
January 12, 2012, 3:47 PM
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The DJs in Orbital always wear light torches behind their heads at live shows.
The DJs in Orbital always wear dual light torch headgear at live shows.

Trance these days is a mere vestige of what it used to be a decade ago. I’m not saying that nu trance is bad, just that it’s totally evolved from its roots into something that’s very house-influenced. So the purpose of this post is to introduce people to some older trance tracks (at least 10 years old) that are relatively unknown nowadays and that I absolutely love. Whether you believe these are good or bad, it’s an undeniable truth that no one makes music just like this anymore.

Orbital – Lush 3-2 (1993)

Anoesis – Heavy Water (1994)

Rabbit in the Moon – Phase 1: First Contact (1994)

Mr. Ballistic – Tilt (1994)

Chicane – Don’t Give Up (2000)

Mekka – Diamondback (2001)

Leama – Melodica (2001)

I have a plethora of amazing tracks like these for anyone who is interested. Knowledge of this kind of music is virtually nonexistent in my age group of those who listen to electronic music; it’s really a shame. I owe a lot of credit to a guy named Matt who was kind enough to share his music with me — he had thousands of old vinyls that he painstakingly converted to digital formats. Eventually, I’ll make another post like this about some classic house music too.

Top Picks From Lights All Night – Pt. II

Art by Kyndal Chalmers

Here’s the continuation of songs that I found from Lights All Night & really liked.

Wolfgang Gartner – Shrunken Heads

Coldplay – Paradise (Fedde Le Grand Remix)

CZR, Paul Anthony & ZXX – Do the Dance

Nari & Milani – Kendo

Dirty South ft. Kate Elsworth – Alive (Tommy Trash Remix)

Bingo Players – Lame Brained

John Dahlback – Overdose

Got any of your own favorites from LAN? Let everyone know in the comments below!